Violence Victims in Pakistan

violence victims in pakistan

Pakistan is emerging as a very strong progressing country but besides that prolific reputation, it also has a  crime happening in it. Every next we are witnessing extreme brutalization at the hands of our countrymen.

Recently at the beginning of the year 2020, 70 brutal rape cases have been reported in the country due to which a severe wildfire of investigation has been spread nationwide.

Slowly but surely these rape victims are increasing every next day the rape incidents are even more severe and brutal then every previous attempt. Our beloved country has just become the gangland of rapists who are human from nowhere.

The brutal rape cases involved young innocent girls to premature juvenile adolescents. Most of these cases have taken place in rural areas where crime petrol is set ablaze. Due to the lack of education and humanity, this type of voracious incident takes place in rural areas mostly.

Street crimes are considered to be one of the most devastating acts in our country because they are not ruining the entire reputation of our country but they are also a major cause of defamation all over the world.

In recent years the significant cases of rape have spread a virulent wildfire all over the nation.

The dilemma of these inhuman acts is still needed to be investigated. People living in Pakistan are now becoming used to these horrible incidents after witnessing them again and again.

In the previous two and three, we came across some of the most horrific murder cases that were very hard to be imagined. All these cases were terrifying and all the dead victims were brutally gang-raped before sentenced to a miserable death.

Some of these cases are still under investigation but the authorities are not good enough to find out the real culprits.

Gangrape is the most vicious rape assault which is performed by a group of people who are imbibed in the drowsiness of lust and extremism which finally led them to commit such an inhuman act.

The legal authorities in Pakistan must very ponder now as these types of rape cases are increasing day by day and every next rape victim is a shameful slap on the face of these stupor authorities.

To ensure the security and safety of women in Pakistan there must be very strict law enforcement against this inhuman crime and rapists must be hanged till death to emblazon the justice that criminals must be punished in the most horrible punishments possible.


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