Two More Coronavirus Cases In Pakistan: Four Cases Confirmed

coronavirus in pakistan

The Authorities of Pakistan and Dr. Zafar Mrizo confirmed the two new coronavirus cases confirmed in Pakistan, and cases rise to fours. They said that both people have recently traveled from Iran and got a virus from there, and in order to stop this outbreak, their family members also have been quarantined and are checking. If any symptom is rising during a checkup, they start treating them as soon as possible. One patient is from Karachi, and the other is from the federal area of Pakistan. According to the Sindh Health Department, the confirmation of these two new cases in Karach came at 5 pm

Regarding the previous two cases, Dr. Zafar Mirza said that you don’t need to panic as both of them are getting better. One of the patients is going to be discharged soon from the hospital and also said that their medical treatment was of a high standard and meeting the guidelines of the health minister. He also said that Pakistan is a 47 Country in which the coronavirus cases have been reported. Most importantly, a high level of the meeting is being held in order to start making some important measurements across the country to stop this virus. 

According to the Sindh Health Department, a man in his 60s was admitted to the hospital after he tested positive for the virus. This patient recently came from Iran around 10 days, and then after 4 5 days, he started having the flu. He contacted us a little, but we started the necessary measurements as soon as possible. The Governments also said that:

We start taking important steps and delegate hospitals across the country to stop this virus from spreading. We will also start taking steps in order to bring Pakistanis to Iran soon. 

Also, the Sinh Government also selected some special hospitals in Karachi if the case of coronavirus starts increasing, as we know Prevention is better than cure. Dr. Mirza also said that it is not important to start wearing a mask. As dozens of people from all over Pakistan start buying ask at any cost. He said it’s not important to wear the mask; you just need to stop going to rush areas. Just keep away from rush areas because this virus is getting contacted by one person to another. You also need to under your responsibility and help the government to stop this virus from spreading to over Pakistan. 

More than 2900 people have died from this virus, and more than 85,000 people are infected worldwide. This virus has been raised from the City of China, Wuhan, and now rapidly starts spreading across the world. After China, more death cases have been reported in South Korea, Italy, and Iran. South Korea has the most cases after China, with 3150 infected as 813 people are reported. Due to this, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un started closing its border to stop this disease into its territory. Besides, this virus has also been reported in Nine new Countries, which include Mexico, New Zealand, Sub-Saharan Africa as well as Nigeria also reporting its first confirmed case. 

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