Two Coronavirous Cases Confirmed in Pakistan: Doctor Zafar Mirza

coronavirus in pakistan

The first two Coronavirus Covid-19 cases have been confirmed in Karachi and Islamabad. an official statement by the top Government on Wednesday. Governments sectors and Health Minister says that both patients have returned from Iran recently. More than 19+ people have been killed due to this Covid-19 virus. 

Doctor Zafar Mirza said we are taking care of both patients according to clinical standards and now the patient is in stable condition. So you don’t need to panic and this condition is now under control. One patient belongs to Karachi and the other patient is from Islamabad. Doctor Zafar Mirza was addressing the media with Chief Minister of Balochistan Jam Kamal Khan in Quetta late Wednesday Night. He was saying that authorities have already taken important steps and measures in order to control the spread of this disease. Also, say please don’t panic. We and you all of them need to understand your responsibilities and take precautions to stop the spread of the Covid-19 virus. 

The Federal Health Minister of Pakistan advised the people that if you are traveling from Iran or any other Covid-19 virus-infected country they don’t forget to contact the doctor. Save Yourself and all other people around you. They already said that we have already taken important measures in order to stop the spread of this virus. 

Doctor Zafar Mirza did not disclose the name of the patient but the Sindh Health Department identified one of them as 22-year-old male patient Jaffri. This patient traveled from Iran to Karachi on Feb 20. His whole family has been placed into quarantine at the Aga Khan University Hospital and all health departments taking all measures and steps to examine all the passengers that he traveled with. This outbreak has killed more than 19 people in Iran and more than 2800 people all over the world have died, as well as 81,000 people, are infected.

The important step of the government’s sector is that they deployed 67+ doctors at the Iran Crossing border to treat the suspected patients. Provincial authorities have declared a Covid-19 Virus emergency in more than five districts of Balochistan and the names of these districts are Gwadar, Kech, Chagai, Washuk, and Panjgur and start adapting strictly measurements in these places. Meanwhile, the Pakistani government also sealed the Pak Iran border and the provincial government has completely closed the border from five different points and now no one is allowed to cross from Iran To Pakistan as well as Pakistan to Iran. Also, the Balochistan Government closes all its Educational institutes till March 15 in order to spread the disease of Coronavirus. 

Besides, the government also said that more than 5000 Pakistani are not allowed to come back to Pakistan from Iran due to this Covid-19 outbreak. Nine People have been confirmed in Spain. Also, two new coronavirus cases have been confirmed in Germany and total cases to 18 so far but no deaths till yet. Greece also confirmed its first case of coronavirus in the port of Thessaloniki

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