The Virulent Coronavirus in Pakistan

coronavirus in pakistan

Amongst the world’s most deadly diseases the malignant coronavirus has become a virulent reality now With a mammoth reputation of brutalizing the sundry innocent lives the vicious coronavirus has spread the terrifying image in over 7 billion people across the earth. As reported earlier on that the malignant coronavirus has just become the cause of another death this time in Pakistan. 

As reported last Tuesday by HEALTH OFFICIALS that the fifth death has been confirmed as 45 years old women have become the latest victim of the virulent coronavirus according to authorities the women belong from the desolated Gilgit-Baltistan (G-B) region she is chiefly is believed to have been infected in Iran. But, soon after that incident due to some urgency the patient had been shifted to Pakistan and later on she kneeled knees to the virulent coronavirus. 

Coronavirus being the most inevitable dire force has not only spread the appall destruction worldwide but, it also has cemented an extreme fear in the hearts of people all over the world. Pakistan which is considered to be the prime friend of china has now on the brink of danger calamity because the dire effect of the coronavirus has reached the borderlines of Pakistan. 

This is the fifth death case that occurred in Pakistan due to the coronavirus now it has been confirmed earlier that the effect of coronavirus has ramshackle the health conditions here in Pakistan. The previous 4 deaths have been reported here in Pakistan due to coronavirus and the odds are incredibly increasing against health and safety nationwide. G-B is currently under the fierce siege of coronavirus which is spreading like a wildfire in that region due to this berserk situation the schools and colleges have been closed in that region for safety measures and prevention from this disease. 

Fida Husain the secretary of the  G-B Information has said that the virulent viral has to be cure with the utmost attention and great precautions. Furthermore, people nationwide have to be immensely alert about this disease not only to protect themselves but for the betterment of their own families. The major health authorities of Pakistan have taken the best possible safety measures to protect people from this malignant virus because to protect the nation from this is very important for the successful future of this country. 

Despite misinformation about coronavirus and its dire effects in Pakistan, the government is still able to tackle the problem with distinctive patience and magnanimous reliability which shows the efficiency of our government as well as the devotedness towards its people. The government has urged the people to only rely upon trusted authorities which are the mere source of exact information whereas the rumors should be neglect where ever they spread. The health authorities are playing a vital role in controlling the malignant situation in which unaware people could easily be misguided and bamboozled through different unauthorized news and glasnosts. In the meantime, people are suggested to turn a deaf ear to unreliable resources which can harm your health as well as domestic life.

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