Saudia Arabia Suspends Travel for Umrah and Tourism: Coronavirus Outbreak

Saudi Arabia Suspends Pakistan for Umrah and Tourism due to Coronavirus

On Tuesday, Saudia Arabia Government Suspends outsiders entry for performing Umrah to spread the coronavirus as a growing number of cases rises outside China. They also banned travelers from virus outbreak countries, including Pakistan, Iran, etc. That happened after the rise of two coronavirus cases in Pakistan last night. All airlines have been stopped, and they say that they will inform their passengers for further orders. According to the Official Statement of Saudi Foreign Minister:

They are going to suspend the entry of travelers to visit their kingdom and also banning the people coming from Muslim Countries to perform Umrah and visiting Masjid-e-Nabvi, and this is only on a temporary basis because of the virus outbreak. 

Saudia Arabia has two famous and beautiful sites of Islam in Makkah and Madina, welcoming millions of people from all over the world each year. They also introduced the tourism visa last October for more than 49 countries. As far as now, there is no case of coronavirus in Saudia Arabia, but they are taking some essential measurements and steps in order to stop the expansion of this virus from their neighboring countries. Due to this, all the flights from to Madina and Jeddah, from Islamabad, Karachi, and Lahore, have been suspended. 

Saudi Governments said that only people who have work permits and business visas would be allowed to come to our kingdom, but they must have to complete a come basis inspection test. 

Due to this virus, more than 2800 people are dead in China, a major center of the outbreak and more than 80 thousand people are infected. Outside mainland China, this virus also spread across more than 30+ countries, including the USA, Canada, Germany, Spain, Pakistan, India, Iran, and Afghanistan, etc. The Who (World Health Organization) has confirmed the international health emergency all over the world. 

This outbreak will also affect the tourism sector of Saudia Arabia. Every month more than thousands of people are going to Saudia Arabia to perform Umrah. The flights between Saudia Arabia and Pakistan are continuing per schedule. But according to the order of the Saudi Government, no one will be allowed to perform Umrah Pilgrim, and also tourist visa holders from Pakistan are also not allowed due to the epidemic outbreak of coronavirus. You will only be allowed to come if you hold the Iqama (work visa) of Saudia Arabia, and there is no ban on the permanent residence of Saudia Arabia to come to their homeland, which is living in different countries. 

According to reports, Brazil also confirmed its first coronavirus case, and this infection also happens for the first time in Sweden, Norway, Romania, Greece as well as in Pakistan. The US government is also treating more than 60 cases of coronavirus, which include most Americans. Every Country is taking some strict measures to stop this Covid-19 virus all across the world. 

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