More than 5000 Surgical Mask is recovered by Karachi Police

The Karachi police took action in the Sadar area Karachi and recovered more than 5000 masks from different groups. The Karachi Police did this raid with the help of rangers. These groups are going to sell this mask on high prices after the coronavirus cases confirmed in Pakistan. Till now, 5 cases have reported in Pakistan of coronavirus. 

The paramilitary force has done a raid at PECHS and also arrested an owner of a car showroom who was involved in the selling of surgical masks at high prices. He is storing a large number of surgical masks which they sell later to the people at a high price. 

Last week, The Rangers also conducted a raid at different areas of Karachi and captured thousands of surgical masks. Moreover, arresting two people who are involved in this stockpile of masks. Due to these people, the shortage of surgical masks started appearing, and many sellers sold them at higher prices to earn more profits. 

The law enforcement group and rangers also captured 74,000 surgical masks and more than 200 infusion water drips from the city. Muhammad Usman was the behind storing of these surgical mask and infusion drips. They are going to sell these masks and drips to the people at a high cost. 

This accused also said that I purchased these masks and infusion drips in partnership with the car showroom owner. It means Muhamad Usman and car showroom owner both are the partners in this crime. The Law enforcement also said that they are selling these surgical masks and infusion drip at the OLX at inflated prices. 

After the coronavirus cases in Pakistan, shopkeepers and big companies start storing and selling these masks at a higher cost to the needy people. But Ranger, Police and law enforcement group start arresting these groups all over Pakistan. 

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