Fifth Coronavirus Case Confirm in Pakistan


Pakistan on Tuesday confirmed a new coronavirus case, the total number rising to five in the country last week. Dr Zafar Mirza confirms the fifth case of norovirus in his tweet:

We now have the 5th Coronavirus case in federal areas of Pakistan. The condition of this patient is stale, and we are treating him with high standards. So you don’t need to panic. Also, I requested the media to respect the privacy of the patient and her family. 

He also said that you don’t need to panic, and the condition was under control. Our High standardbred doctors are working day and night in caring for these patients. 

In his previous talk, he said that don’t go to a place which is full of people. He also said that one of the coronavirus patients is now in stable condition and soon going to be discharged from the hospital. Moreover, he said the authorities and governments already start taking important steps and measurement in order to stop this virus. Governments banned all the five border crossing lines in Islamabad and now allowing anyone to go Pakistan to Iran neither from Iran to Pakistan. They also closed the Pakistan-Afghanistan border.  

Yesterday, the National Institute of Health (NIH) had confirmed four cases of coronavirus from the total of 157 samples which they recovered from all over Pakistan. Sources confirmed that out of 157 samples, only fours are tested positive, while 153 are tested negative

The National Institute of Health also receives the blood sample of 60 people from Punjab for the Covid-19 test. Also, two samples out of 47 are tested positive from the coronavirus, which comes from Islamabad for the test of the novel virus. The Sindh Government also sent the 16 samples to the National Institute of Health for the coronavirus test of coronavirus. Two samples are also tested positive out of 16 samples and said that two cases were confirmed with the coronavirus.

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